HYLA EST Airewash Basic

HYLA EST - Airewash basic is an allergy-friendly water based filtration air and vacuum cleaning system. It cleans the air by using 100% water using worldwide patented water separator technology. No mechanical filter replacement is needed.

To disinfect bacterias and allergens in the air, special formulated air disinfectant can be added to the HYLA water pan during air cleaning or even vacuuming.


The MagnetEco motor assembly

Pure power and outstanding design are combined in this module. Powered by switched-reluctance technology motor - The MagnetEco brushless motor ensures a consistent and energy-saving performance. Experience just how much power a HYLA develops with its maximum power consumption of 730 Watt. Compare it yourself: with a suction capacity of 2.5 m³/min the HYLA leads the race - also from an ecological point of view.


Water Pan Assembly

Water binds dirt and keeps it. As a result, wet dust cannot fly. The HYLA operates without paper filters. Nothing hinders the streaming air that passes through the HYLA. As paper filters have pores, not only air escapes through them but also fine dust. After only a few seconds, their micro holes get clogged and performance drops rapidly - a sheer waste of energy! This is why the HYLA manages with a power consumption of only 730 Watt - thanks to the water in it acting as a filter, the HYLA always breathes freely.


Trolley Assembly

Trolley comes with eight soft rubber wheels, ensuring smooth mobility.

HYLA Airewash basic can be upgraded to HYLA Standard for use as a vacuum cleaner. As opposed to wet and dry water vacuum cleaner and steam vacuum cleaner, HYLA vacuum cleaner also uses water but is the only vacuum cleaner that requires no further mechanical filters as the water is used as 100% filtration method to trap dust, bacteria & allergens.


This is possible due to the water separator technology that distinguished HYLA from the rest of vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners in the market which rely on filters to trap dust particles despite using water.

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