HYLA EST Standard

HYLA is the most natural and renowned water air purifier and vacuum cleaning systems worldwide – for your well-being and your health. It’s a German technology water air purification system and currently marketed by HYLA Malaysia.

The new HYLA EST with the standard accessories removes fine dust, gases, allergens and mites during normal cleaning. At the same time, the HYLA EST cleans the ambient air with the help of only water as its filter.

In this way, it does not only prevents unpleasant odors while vacuuming but also ensures a consistent re-circulation of clean fresh water washed air into the ambient air environment.

The dust, pollutants and dirt are no longer collected in bags or containers but bound in water and, subsequently, directly disposed of with the water.

During this cleaning process harmful substances in the air are bound in the water and only clean filtered air leaves our system up to 99.9%.


The MagnetEco motor assembly

Pure power and outstanding design are combined in this module. Powered by switched-reluctance technology motor - The MagnetEco brushless motor ensures a consistent and energy-saving performance. Experience just how much power a HYLA develops with its maximum power consumption of 730 Watt. Compare it yourself: with a suction capacity of 2.5 m³/min the HYLA leads the race - also from an ecological point of view.


Water Pan Assembly

Water binds dirt and keeps it. As a result, wet dust cannot fly. The HYLA operates without paper filters. Nothing hinders the streaming air that passes through the HYLA. As paper filters have pores, not only air escapes through them but also fine dust. After only a few seconds, their micro holes get clogged and performance drops rapidly - a sheer waste of energy! This is why the HYLA manages with a power consumption of only 730 Watt - thanks to the water in it acting as a filter, the HYLA always breathes freely.


Trolley Assembly

Truth be told, you cannot talk with your HYLA. Still, it will loyally follow you around. And you won’t even notice it! The integrated protective rubber edging will spare your furniture and walls. Eight wheels will take care that your HYLA smoothly follows you even over obstacles. You can rely on it. Whenever you turn around your HYLA is there.


HYLA EST Standard [Accessories]


Flexible Dry Hose

Depending on application, available in different lengths. The standard length is 2.20 m - that's longer than any other standard hose on the market.


Multi Purpose Brush

You will already have guessed that your HYLA is also used for vacuum-cleaning. With its concentrated power, the HYLA extracts even tightly sitting dust particles from the floor. It is ideally suited for smooth floors and fitted carpets.


Hard Dry Tube (2 pcs)

Individual adjustment for optimal cleaning with your HYLA.


Blowing Nozzle & Crevice Tool

Clean between sofa cushions, corners and sliding door railing.


Clothes Brush

Alternative brush for non-delicate hard surface cleaning like air-cond filters, mosquito netting and even lamp shades.


Furniture Brush

Furniture brush is ideal for delicate hard surface cleaning like shelves, tables and even lamp shades.


Modular Nozzle Set

Ideal for upholstery cleaning to remove hairs, dead skin, bed bugs, crumbs and other particles.

Request for demo now to learn more what how HYLA Malaysia’s water air purifier cleaning system can improve the indoor air quality in your home when used as a vacuum cleaner or you can Buy Now!


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