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published 08 June 2018


6 Ways To Make Your Home Air Fresher


While many people are aware of outdoor air pollution, few know how badly polluted indoor air can be. Common everyday items at home actually contain a lot of harmful bacteria and toxins that can cause significant health and developmental issues in children. Things like mattresses, sofas, and yes, even hygiene products. 


These airborne toxins can result in eye irritation, colds, fatigue, allergies, dizziness and respiratory problems. Because air is something we take in our bodies every second, shouldn't you be conscious about the air you and your children are breathing?


To greatly improve the health of your indoor environment, here are 6 ways you can increase circulation and freshen the air in your home. 


1. Increase air circulation 

The most simple and obvious way is to firstly open your windows/doors. Installing ventilation and exhaust system help to reduce moisture levels, which is where the majority of toxins are trapped and circulated around the home. Exhaust and ventilation systems help push pollutants out and keeps your home cool.

2. Salt Lamps 

Salt lamps provide the most well-known benefit of deodorizing the air by trapping dust, pollen, smoke and toxins through the power of hygroscopy – the process of absorbing surrounding moisture containing foreign particles.

3. Indoor Plants 

Having indoor plants is the best way to protect against respiratory illness such as asthma. Plants are nature’s filter against toxins and returns fresh and healthy air in your home. Having plants indoors rejuvenates the air, reduces stress and alleviates mood. 

4. Active Charcoal 

Charcoal is great for homes with smoking areas as it captures strong odors best. Charcoals themselves are odorless air purifiers that absorb impure air and do exceptionally well at protecting your respiratory health. 

5. Air purifiers 

Water air purifiers can significantly disinfect airborne pollutants in your home. The HYLA EST doubles as both a water vacuum cleaner and air purifier, cleaning both surface and airborne dust. The added advantage is that you can visually inspect the amount of trapped dust in the water to determine the dirtiest area to address in your home. 

6. Essential Oils

Cleaning your air is one great thing – infused with antiseptic essential oils turns your home into a cool and soothing place to relax. HYLA’s water-based air filtration system offers the best of air cleaning and fragrant scents with a wide selected of scented fragrances – so there’s a scent for everyone and every occasion.

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