Separator Technology


The HYLA EST distinguishes itself by its unique and globally patented Separator Technology.

As one of the best, HYLA is the most natural and renowned room cleaning systems worldwide – for your well-being and your health.


The new HYLA EST removes fine dust, gases, allergens and mites during normal cleaning. At the same time, the HYLA EST cleans the ambient air with the help of a water filter. In this way it not only prevents unpleasant odors while vacuuming but also ensures a consistently fresh fragrance in your home as you clean it every day. The vacuumed dust and dirt are no longer collected in bags or containers but bound in water and, subsequently, directly disposed of with the water.


During this cleaning process harmful substances in the air are bound and the same air leaves our system cleaned to 99.9%(Source: Dr. Drexler und Dr. Fecher - Institut für Analytik und Beratung - Certificate No. 010853). In addition, you may save on expenses as our HYLA EST does not require any filters or filter papers. As a result, cleaning your rooms in this way offers both ecological and economic benefits by avoiding unnecessary waste that affects our environment as well as costs of production and disposal.


As there are no filter papers or filters that might get clogged by dust, the HYLA EST works with full suction performance at all times. This means that the HYLA EST with its 730W reaches a suction power which other vacuum cleaners achieve only with empty dust bags and a 2,000W output. In air cleaning mode the HYLA EST needs as little as 200W. You will notice the difference after a few weeks only: Up to 80% less household dust and considerable savings in electricity costs. And what is even more important: You will be feeling ever so comfortable in your clean home.

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The heart of the HYLA

[Patented Water Separator]

It ensures that only clean air leaves the HYLA.

The first self-cleaning Separator worldwide saves time. With a rotational speed of 25,000 rotation per minute(r.p.m.) the self-cleaning Separator extracts even the smallest dust particles from the airflow. What’s left is air that is cleaned to more than 99 per cent.


The HYLA EST distinguishes itself by its unique and globally patented Separator Technology. This ingenious technological solution is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon – the geyser – and is the essence of the HYLA EST filtration system. As the air and dust enter the HYLA System, the separator creates an upward stream of water. The geyser effect assures optimized filtration that thoroughly washes the air and returns it clean into your home.


In the production of the HYLA System only high-quality materials are used. Our manufacturing methods (ISO 9001 certified) guarantee a long lifespan and the reliability of our product. HYLA complies with all globally recognized standards, including SIQ, SEV, UL, CSA, KC, CCC, EAC and ENEC. HYLA stands for quality and confidence.


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Award & Certification

The quality that makes the difference.

The environment, health, security and quality have priority. No matter if in research, production, purchasing or sales: as a company, HYLA is always aware of the highest responsibility against customers and coworkers, neighbors and the environment. This is demonstrated by numerous certificates as well as the high quality of the product.



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