Extended Warranty


+3 Warranty Plan

Why buy Extended Warranty?

Our Extended Warranty allows you to extend your electrical appliances' manufacturers' warranties up to a maximum of 8 years from the date of purchase with similar manufacturer's protection against failures and defects. 



  1. Peace of Mind.

  2. Be assured that your HYLA product purchased from our participating partners are protected in the event of product failure beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty period.

  3. Financial Protection.

  4. No unexpected financial drain to replace or repair your electrical appliances upon failure.


Product Eligibility
The HYLA +3 Extended Warranty ("Extended Warranty") is offered by HYLA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“HYLA”). The +3 Extended Warranty Plan may only be purchased upon purchase of a selected HYLA Product and only covers a product which;


  • Is purchased new from HYLA Premium Store or HYLA Store in Malaysia only.

  • Included at the time of purchase the manufacturer's complete and original warranty is valid in Malaysia

  • In the case of HYLA product, the use is or has been limited to domestic and personal use only.

  • The extended warranty must be purchased at the same time as you purchase your product.



Same warranty coverage as stipulated in Product & service warranty - household in Malaysia with an automatic extension of another 3 years concurrent with and extends beyond the Original Manufacturer's Warranty, and will commence upon expiry of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty and is provided only insofar as the obligations of the manufacturer are concerned. Period of coverage is subject to payment of the applicable fee for the Extended Warranty Plan selected.


Transfer of Ownership

This Plan may be transferred to any subsequent owner of the Product by submitting in writing or contact HYLA Careline at 1300 88 4952 (HYLA) within 10 days of product transfer date to notify the name, address, contact number, product serial number of the new owner.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer must bring their HYLA machine to HYLA Authorized Service Center for service every twelve (12) months failing which warranty will be considered null and void.

  2. RM80.00 (return) will be levied if HYLA Assist Team is required for pick-up within Klang Valley (60KM radius). Above 60KM, for each KM, RM1.00 will be levied. Pick up arrangement can be made by calling our HYLA Careline at 1300 88 4952(HYLA).

  3. A labor charge of RM100.00 will be levied for every machine serviced each time. Payment has to be made online via bank transfer before delivery or cash at the HYLA Store upon collection.

  4. HYLA decisions on all matters relating to Extended Warranty including the decisions in determining the eligibility will be final, conclusive and binding and no further correspondence or attempts to appeal, review or dispute of such decisions will be entertained.

  5. HYLA shall not be liable for any misinterpretation or misrepresentation of facts in respect of the Extended Warranty published in any mass media, marketing or advertising materials.

  6. HYLA reserve the right to modify or cancel the Extended Warranty at any time; or change the Terms and Conditions for this Extended Warranty, anytime without prior notice.