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Kiss Dust Goodbye With HYLA's Easy Hack

published 09 January 2019

Kiss Dust Goodbye With HYLA's Easy Hack

Do you ever get tired of cleaning, only to find dust in your home just seconds after keeping away your cleaning supplies? It’s almost as if traditional cleaning and dusting methods just aren’t enough!

We understand the struggle, so we compiled some home-cleaning, dust-eliminating hacks to keep your home dust-free and dustproof. ​

1. Make your own anti-static cloth

Using a damp cloth to wipe up dusty shelves doesn’t really do the trick. One of the best ways to pick up fine dust particles is to actually use a bit of science - what you want is an anti-static cloth. And instead of buying one, you can make one for free at home!

Just pick up an old pair of pantyhose and cut them into squares - you can then use them to wipe surfaces, or attach them onto a broom to keep your floors dust-free as well. 2. Cling wrap your kitchen woes

It’s really important for your kitchen to be dust-free, but all the grease and oil actually tends to trap dust against your appliances and furniture. So try this the next time you’re about to whip up a feast: wipe down your greasy furniture and appliances with soap and warm water, and once it’s clean, cover it in cling wrap. Voila! No greasy appliances and no dust! We recommend changing the clean wrap monthly to prevent grease build-up.

3. Filters keep dust out of computer vents

Dust and technology are not a marriage made in heaven - the ventilation fans under your laptop or on the side of your computer tower have an uncanny way of trapping dust, which is then blown out, back into your pristine home. Yikes!

Luckily, you can make a filter to keep dust away from the vents using the same pantyhose we mentioned in our first hack. Just cut them up to the same size as your computer vent and tape them in place. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust that gets trapped, and it’ll also help with your computer’s life span in the long run! 4. Brush off dusty books Bookshelves are notorious for turning dusty and you’ve most likely been cleaning them wrong most of your life! Dusty books can’t be wiped down with a wet cloth or placed on damp surfaces, as moisture will probably lead to your book growing mold. Even using a dry cloth only further pushes dust in between the pages of books, hiding dust instead of eliminating it. The best way to dust them and keep books clean is to actually use a small soft brush, such as a paint brush! Using quick, delicate strokes, you’ll be able to get rid of dust without them getting trapped in your favourite novel. 5. Clean broom, clean room Sweeping floors with a broom still dirty from its last use is the worst thing you could do to your home! A dirty broom will only spread more dust instead of doing the opposite. Try to clean your broom at least once or twice a month - if you’ve just done a big, weekend-long spring clean, it might be wise to clean your broom with bleach or ammonia before your next use.

6. Wet newspaper and old vacuum cleaner bags Anyone who has ever owned a bagged vacuum cleaner knows exactly how frustrating changing the vacuum bag can be. One small slip and you could find your freshly vacuumed home covered in dust all over again. If you live in a landed unit, you can at least step outside to change your vacuum bag, but what about those who live in apartments?

Here’s the trick: Before taking out the vacuum bag, lay a wide layer of moist newspaper on your bathroom floor. The moisture will help to trap excess dust that falls while you’re switching to a new bag. You won’t need to vacuum again - just crumple the wet, dusty old papers and throw them out.

Of course, we’d recommend skipping bagged vacuums altogether, just like we did when we created the HYLA water based fitration vacuum cleaner. Instead of conventional vacuum bags, we introduced our water-based filtration system - the vacuumed dust and dirt isn’t collected in bags or containers that need to be switched, but bound in water using our patented separator technology, so you can get rid of dust hassle-free. Now that’s a hack you can definitely count on!


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