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A healthy home and kitchen are vital for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in your home whether you’re a young couple just getting started or an elderly person living on your own.

A clean home is a simple step in living and maintaining a healthy home. Medical studies show that you benefit both physically and mentally from living in a clean houseRead more

Pets are amazing and can bring a lot of joy into our lives, but with that joy also comes lots and lots of cleaning. However, we’ve got some nifty cleaning hacks that you can implement to make cleaning after your pet so much easier. Read more

Let’s be honest: the idea of swapping out convenience for a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle can seem daunting (if not impossible), but it’s actually not as hard as it looks. All it takes it a little bit of will power and determination! Read more

With our extremely busy lives, the thought of cleaning isn’t always the most appealing. At the end of the day, most of us just want to come home, kick up our feet, and wind down.

However, scientific research actually says that cleaning and organising is better for both our physical and mental health.
 Read more

Do you ever get tired of cleaning, only to find dust in your home just seconds after keeping away your cleaning supplies? It’s almost as if traditional cleaning and dusting methods just aren’t enough!

We understand the struggle, so we compiled some home-cleaning, dust-eliminating hacks to keep your home dust-free and dustproof. Read more

It is high time for our appliances to be multi-taskers. One of the best multi-tasking appliances is your trusty vacuum cleaner. Trust us, your vacuum cleaner can do so much more than simply cleaning your floor. Read on and start putting your vacuum cleaner to good use. Read more

If ever there is a machine that you truly need, it is the HYLA EST. The HYLA EST is an environmentally - friendly vacuum cleaner that uses only water as the filter and does not require dust bags or any other filters. Read more

Does your home smell stale, damp, or stuffy? If it smells like wet clothes left in a car for long periods of time, you may have mould growing in common areas of your home. Mould can grow anywhere in your home. While wet and damp clothes contribute to dampy smells, they are rarely the main cause for the foul odour in your home. All that mould needs is a surface to grow on, warmth, darkness, oxygen and moisture. Read more

By now you probably know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. Common household products, furniture and tools contain thousands of dangerous chemical toxins that we breath in on the daily. As a result, many health-related problems can be attributed to breathing in indoor pollution. Read more

We often think of air pollution as something that’s on the outside: when we’re on the road or in the city or at the park, but never it’s never something we consider indoors. Unfortunately, the air you breathe indoors is just as (if not more) susceptible to allergens and other pollutants.

Poor indoor air quality can expose you and your loved ones to a variety of health risks and these effects can get worse over time. To safeguard your well-being, here are 8 signs of bad indoor air quality you should look out for. Read more

Poor indoor air quality isn’t something you only get in the city centre – it’s also something you can experience in your home and office. Thankfully, plants are a great way to help keep the air in your home fresh and clean, but there’s a common misconception that they’re hard to maintain. Here’s a list of 8 indoor plants that are perfect for the newbie plant owner. Read more

It is always so very exciting when you move into a new home. A blank canvas just for you to put some personal touches on. However, before you settle in at your new home, you will need to do some deep cleaning. Read on to discover some handy tips on how to deep clean your new home. Read more

It is now common knowledge that air pollution has debilitating effects on one’s health. But just how bad are the debilitating effects? Read on to learn about some of the more common diseases caused by air pollution. Read more.

The powerful machine that is your HYLA can also be used as a vacuum cleaner. All you need are just some accessories suited for your need. Read on to find out what the different head tools are ideal for. Read more.

The HYLA EST is famed for its innovative and globally patented Separator Technology. As hinted by the name, Geyser Separator Technology, this avant-garde technology draws inspiration from nature — particularly, the geyser. Read more.

You will be surprised to find that dust mites live in every area of your home. Common household furniture such as couches, mattresses, carpets and curtains are known to house thousands of these invaders. Worst of all, these microscopic horror bugs eat dead flesh and skin and create nasty allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and skin disorders. Read more.

Asthma is a fairly common disease that causes an inflammation of the lungs, leading to recurring tightness of chest and difficulty breathing. Asthma affects roughly 1 in 12 people around the world and can be fatal. Read more.

Polluted indoor air accounts for a number of significant health issues such as skin-related illnesses. Our living space contains many toxins and pollutants that can be the major causes for skin irritation and both acute and chronic skin disorders. Poor ventilation and many common household items actually produce many of the harmful airborne pollutants in your homeRead more

While many people are aware of outdoor air pollution, few know how badly polluted indoor air can be. Common everyday items at home actually contain a lot of harmful bacteria and toxins that can cause significant health and developmental issues in children. Things like mattresses, sofas, and yes, even hygiene products. Read more

There is no doubt about it. Pollution is everywhere.

No matter where we go or where we are, pollution is hard on our heels. Fortunately, there are ways to protect ourselves from the pollution outside. Read more

Before vacuum cleaners were invented, people had to take their carpets out and beat the dirt out of them. An exhaustive task which was made simpler and faster with the invention of vacuum cleaners later on.


Now, with the advancement of technology, vacuum cleaners have evolved. And one such form of evolution is the water filter vacuum. Read more

At the mention of 'air pollution', images of smog, power plants, and emissions from vehicles amid a bustling highway would probably come to your mind. However, the air indoors can be polluted too. These contaminants in the form of gases or particles are released into the air from a variety of sources, which decrease the quality of the indoor air. Read more

Are you feeling fatigued, demotivated, and generally feeling down? Relief may just be a scent away. Read more

Press Release: 16/03/17

HYLA, an industry leader in Air & Room Cleaning System, the successful German brand that is marketed worldwide in more than 70 countries including Malaysia, announces the debut of its first flagship new retail concept in Kuala Lumpur with the opening of the HYLA Premium Store Kuala Lumpur. Read more

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