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  1. Participants must download HYLA REWARDS™ from Apple Store or Google Play upon receiving an invitation request from your friend or family member via SMS or Email invites. 

  2. Upon download, participants must register with a valid e-mail and contact number and enter the 6 digits "Unique Code" provided in the SMS or E-mail invites upon registration in order for us to validate the invitation and to reward the person(referral) whom have referred you.

  3. Once registration is successful, sign in with your E-mail(Username) and password. 

  4. Once logged-in, you will receive a "GOLDEN PASS" notification with a 6 digits unique code which you can redeem for a FREE Gift.

  5. Participants must visit HYLA Premium Store in order to redeem the "GOLDEN PASS".

  6. HYLA personnel will validate the "GOLDEN PASS" upon your visit to our store.

  7. Once "GOLDEN PASS" is validated, participants are required to participate in our "Free & No Obligation" HYLA In-Store tour.

  8. Upon completion of the In-Store tour, you will be given a HYLA REWARDS™ "Activation Key" which automatically upgrade your HYLA REWARDS™ account from Basic to Pro.

  9. Once upgraded to Pro account, you will become a Referral and can enjoy the benefits of HYLA REWARDS™ Tell-A-Friend" program to potentially earn cash and many more HYLA rewards which includes a FREE HYLA Prestige Set worth RM12,650.00.

  10. Upon complete participation of the HYLA In-Store tour, once you have referred a minimum of 10 friends via SMS or Email using the HYLA REWARDS™ mobile application Pro account in the HYLA REWARDS™ "Tell-A-Friend" program, you will immediately receive a FREE Gift - one(1) item from the AMC Classic Set of 4 cookware from us which comprise of either item (a), (b), (c) or (d).

  11. AMC Classic Cookware Set of 4 combinations.

    (a) 1 x 20cm/3L Covered Casserole 
    (b) 1 x 24cm/5.5L Casserole 
    (c) 1 x 24cm Frypan 
    (d) 1 x 16cm/1.5L Covered Saucepan

  12. HYLA reserved the rights to give any part of the item described in Clause (11) to the participants upon fulfillment of Clause (10) which is either (a), (b) (c) or (d) and participants are not entitled to request for an exchange or choose other than what is presented.

  13. If your friend(referee) whom you have referred successfully purchased our HYLA product which earned you the first one(1) credit, you are entitled to redeem the remaining of the three(3) items from the AMC Classic Set cookware on your next store visit. Only the first credit earned is entitled to claim once per qualifying customer.

  14. Gift/s presented are strictly not redeemable or exchangeable for cash or any other product.

  15. The Company reserved the rights to terminate, amend or withdraw the "Golden Pass" program without prior notice.

  16. The Company reserved the rights to change the prize of equal value at any time in the event of stocks unavailability without prior notice.

  17. More information on HYLA REWARDS™ Referral Program, click