Technical Specifications


The unique geyser effect filtration system

The HYLA EST distinguishes itself by its unique and globally patented Separator Technology. This ingenious technological solution is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon – the 'HYLA Geyser' – and is the essence of the HYLA EST's filtration system. As the air and dust enter the HYLA EST water pan through the inlet tube, it creates an upward stream of water known as the 'HYLA Geyser'. The geyser effect ensures optimized filtration by creating a mixture of droplets and dust particles around the HYLA EST Separator.

The NEW HYLA EST DEFENDER SEPARATOR has an additional effect! The innovatively designed DEFENDER blades cut larger water droplets into microdroplets and disperse them from the Defender rotating at high speed. These super fast and super small water droplets form a shield around the HYLA EST DEFENDER SEPARATOR that stops most dust particles even before they reach the Separator that thoroughly washes the air and returns it clean into your home. This deflection shield technology is our latest breakthrough in water separator technology.

Now the facts in more detail as nothing is more convincing than data and facts:

Maximum power: 730 W
Rotation speed separator: 30,000 rpm / 280 km/h
Maximum air flow: 2.5 m³/min
Weight without accessories: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 56 cm
Water pan capacity: 4 litres
Connecting cable: 7.5 m