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Soaring high because of you. We care, we love, we protect



HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG

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Transforming indoor air pollution into clean, fresh, water washed as
nature intended instantly

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Harnessing the power of mother nature’s most powerful element - water, we provide environmental friendly solution to indoor air pollution problems for over 30 years

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Only sophisticated laboratory and test equipment (ISO 9001 certified) are used by our researchers. International certifications, awards and recognitions are our true testament. With sheer dedication, hard work and passion, the results - the one and only HYLA INSTAFRESH® - #1 Cyclonic Water Based Filtration Hybrid Air + Vacuum cleaner the world can offer!

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The simple construction and functional design of the HYLA has won many fans around the world. Hundreds of parts and components, and the careful and precise assembly of all those parts is what results in the contemporary, sleek and luxurious feel of the HYLA INSTAFRESH®.

Like a fine watch, each part is hand-assembled in its entirety from the ground up by each professional craftsman. Even for a professional worker with highly experienced eyes and hands, the assembly process for a single machine demands a full hour of intense concentration.

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