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How do I get my HYLA fixed?

If at any time you need any service for your HYLA, you should ONLY contact HYLA Malaysia Careline at 1300-88-4952[HYLA] or WhatsApp us at HYLA Malaysia Official WhatsApp us at +60162663372. Thereafter, we will then schedule an on-site service appointment to be done at the convenience of your home accordingly.

​How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the issue and your coverage. There's no charge if the issue is covered under warranty. If your issue isn’t covered, the price depends on the type of repair. During your warranty period coverage, all labor charges which may be involved in the servicing of your HYLA equipment are FREE, thereafter chargeable at RM150.00 per on-site service.

​How long will it take?

For normal on-site service, it will be completed on the same day. Unless for unforeseen circumstances, if the machine can't be serviced on-site, we'll get it fixed in 5 working days upon your confirmation of the service order.

What happened if we decided not to proceed with the repair upon checking?

We will return the equipment back to you. There will be no charges incurred. 

HYLA Product Warranty coverage

Your HYLA Air & Room Cleaning System as serialized on the sticker affixed to the top of the machine and below of Electro Nozzle are warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults such as Electric Motor and Electrical Components & Parts, for a period of four (4) years or five (5) years whichever applicable for household use and two (2) years for commercial use from the date of first purchase. There is no warranty on the product tools & accessories.

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Contact us

Contact us to get advice from an HYLA Careline support expert. We’ll help you fix your issue or set up a repair. Before you contact us, be ready with your HYLA serial number.

Find your product’s serial number

1. For HYLA Air & Room Cleaning System

The serial number of your HYLA Air & Room Cleaning System is affixed on top of the cover and below the handle which starts with 39XXXXX.

HYLA Serial No.jpeg

2. For HYLA Electro Nozzle

The serial number of your HYLA Electro Nozzle is affixed to the reverse side of the Nozzle.

​Can I get a loaner HYLA?

If your HYLA parts is unavailable and require a longer time for repair, we can provide you with a HYLA loaner while your HYLA gets repaired. A loaner HYLA is available for most repairs that are covered under the HYLA Product Warranty. When your HYLA repair is completed, you are to return the loaner to us in the same condition as it was when we lent it to you.

Out-of-warranty service

Repairs are considered out of warranty when:

  • Your HYLA is over four years old (in special cases five or eight years old depending on the type of warranty you opted for when you purchased the HYLA).

  • Your HYLA has an issue that’s not covered under a warranty or consumer law, like accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized modifications.

We might be able to fix or replace your product for an out-of-warranty fee. Your replacement HYLA parts are genuine and guaranteed new and equivalent to new in both performance and reliability upon replacement. Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

My HYLA hose is clogged. How do I get it fixed?

We can help you unclog your hose for FREE if your HYLA is still under warranty. Otherwise, there will be a small fee of RM150.00 which include on-site service of machine and hose. You are required to contact HYLA Careline at 1300-88-4952[HYLA] or WhatsApp us at HYLA Malaysia Official WhatsApp at +60162663372 for arrangement.  

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