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Instant Fresh Air 

Experience the power of nature in your home

Indoor air pollution is a growing problem in today's society, with more people spending time indoors than ever before. While traditional HEPA filters have been the standard solution for years, they have limitations that can be overcome with HYLA INSTAFRESH® AIR, a revolutionary technology that uses cyclonic water-based air filtration with HYLA Defender Shield Technology to instantly transform indoor air pollution into clean, fresh water-washed air as nature intended.

Unlike traditional HEPA filters, which trap particles in a dense filter, HYLA Defender Shield Technology separates pollutants using a high-speed cyclonic water separator that creates an upward stream of water, known as the 'HYLA Geyser Effect'. This geyser phenomenon ensures optimal conditions for filtration by creating a mixture of droplets and dust particles around the HYLA Defender Shield Separator which acts as a barrier between the water and the air and effectively creates an optimal environment for filtration ensuring superior airflow consistency providing filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%. 

The HYLA Defender Shield Separator layout is made of a combination of five separate precision designed disc with 'Defender Fins' that cut larger water droplets into microdroplets and disperse them from the HYLA Defender Shield Separator rotating at hyper speed of 280km per hour.

These superfast and super small water droplets form a shield around the HYLA Defender Shield Separator that deflects dust pollutants and particles even before they reach the HYLA Defender Shield Separator allowing only clean, fresh, water washed air passes through the HYLA Defender Shield Separator as all heavier particles and poll
utants are captured by water, leaving the air instantly transformed into clean, fresh water-washed air in real-time. 

The result is a system that is highly effective in removing a wide range of pollutants, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria and viruses. This is particularly important for people living in cities where air pollution is a significant problem. 

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This innovation is a game-changer in air filtration systems as it creates an optimal environment for superior filtration. HYLA INSTAFRESH® AIR solution provides several advantages over traditional HEPA filters.

Firstly, it is highly effective in removing pollutants that can cause respiratory and other health issues. Secondly, it is energy-efficient and cost-effective, requiring less energy to operate than traditional filters and reducing the need for filter replacements.

Finally, it provides a rapid solution to indoor air pollution, transforming contaminated air into fresh, clean, water-washed air in real-time. 

The impact of HYLA INSTAFRESH® AIR on indoor air quality is significant. With more people spending time indoors, especially in cities where air pollution is a significant problem, having a reliable and effective air filtration system is crucial. HYLA INSTAFRESH® AIR provides an immediate rapid solution to indoor air pollution, making it possible to breathe clean, fresh and healthy air anytime.

The future of air filtration revolution has arrived, and it is HYLA INSTAFRESH® AIR. 


Purifies Air

Eliminates airborne pollutants including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, allergens and viruses allergens.

hyla instafresh purify air
hyla instafresh eliminate odor.png

Eliminates odors

Breaks down, dissolves and transform adhering odors from tobacco smoke, cooking smell and pet odors instantly into clean, fresh air water-washed air.

Rejuvenate skin

Dry air can also cause skin to become dry, itchy, and flaky. Improved humidity in the air can help to moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and supple.

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Improved Respiratory Health

Regulate air humidity. Dry air can cause irritation in the nose and throat, leading to respiratory problems such as coughs and sore throats. On the other hand, humid air can soothe and moisturize the respiratory system, making it easier to breathe.

Reduced Risk of Illness

Viruses and bacteria thrive in dry environments, but they have a harder time surviving in humid air. By maintaining a regulated humidity environment, you may be less likely to catch a cold or other respiratory illness.

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hyla instafresh imrpoved sleeping.png

Improved Sleep

Improved humidity in the air can help to keep the respiratory system moist, which can reduce snoring and promote better sleep.

Preservation of wooden furniture and instruments

Dry air can cause wood to shrink, crack, or warp, which can damage furniture and musical instruments. Improved air humidity can help to preserve the integrity of wooden objects.

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Package Descriptions:

1 Unit of HYLA INSTAFRESH AIR + Versatile Trolley 

5 Years Warranty



  • Color : Luxury Black

  • Functions : Instant Air Cleaning + Therapeutic - Aromatherapy & Disinfection.  

  • Speed (Dual-speed) : Eco-mode + Turbo

  • Motor : Magnet-Eco Brushless Motor

  • Power Consumption : 200 W

  • Voltage : 220-240V

  • Filtration Method : 100% Water

  • Filtration Technology : Defender Shield Separator: 30,000 rotation per minute / 280 km/h

  • Coverage : 200 m²

  • CADR : 2.5 m³/min or 88 ft³/min 

  • Weight : 5.5 kg

  • Dimensions (W X D X H) : 32cm x 32cm x 41 cm

  • Water pan capacity : 4 litres

  • Cable Length : 7.5 m


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