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published 24 May 2018


There is no doubt about it. Pollution is everywhere.


No matter where we go or where we are, pollution is hard on our heels. Fortunately, there are ways to protect ourselves from the pollution outside

But what about inside?

Unfortunately for us, scientists have found that pollutants inside our doors and homes – indoor air pollutants in general, are ranked among the top 5 environmental risks to public health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also stated that according to “studies of human exposure to air pollutants by EPA indicate that indoor level of pollutants may be 2-5 times – occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor pollutant levels.


However, this can be easily reduced through multiple ways. These include frequent dusting and vacuuming, opening windows whenever possible and investing in a quality air filter.

There is also another way that, besides adding a touch of classy coziness to your home which works: houseplants.


Plants work by absorbing the contaminants through the leaves’ pores and metabolising contaminants through organisms which live in the soil.


Greenify Your Home

Some plants work better than others at filtering out the air. Some of them are:

  • Spider Plant

  • Golden Pothos

  • Snake Plant

  • Bamboo Palm/Reed Palm

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Weeping Fig

  • Chinese Evergreen

Additional tips:

  • Use 15-18 plants for maximum efficiency if your house is 1800-2000 square ft.

  • 1 Plant per 100 sqft.

  • Go slow. Start by investing in a few before increasing.


However, there are only so much plants can do. For a foolproof way to ensure air quality and cleanliness, a good air purifier is essential. There are many types of air purifiers such as HEPA air purifiers and air ionizers. But some of these appliances dry the air, so you need to pair them with humidifiers. 


HYLA water vacuum cleaner doubles up as an air purifier. Not only it cleans air really well, it doesn’t dry the air, as it is water-based. Best of all, it is energy-efficient, with the MagnetEco brushless motor, its powerful suction requires really little energy. So if you’re looking for a greener way to clean your indoor air, look no further. A HYLA is what you need.

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