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HYLA is a well-known water based filtration air cleaner plus vacuum cleaner and it's maintenance free. HYLA water vacuum and cleaning system have been available worldwide for over 30 years and more than 19 years in Malaysia. The HYLA water vacuum cleaner is a cleaning system which uses separator technology to separates air from water. It is designed for numerous applications, such as air cleaning, vacuuming, disinfection, deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery, and wet cleaning. It removes fine dust, allergens, gases and dust mites during vacuuming and refreshes the air in the room during use.


In January 2022, HYLA Malaysia has officially launched a new model – the HYLA EST DEFENDER. It is HYLA eighth edition model since production and by far the best vacuum cleaner model brought in to Malaysia since 2004. With the advanced technology of MagnetEco brushless motor, the HYLA EST DEFENDER ensure 4 times longer motor lifespan as compared to the normal motor. The HYLA EST DEFENDER is an emission-free cleaning system and purely nature.

HYLA EST DEFENDER is distinguished by the unique and globally patented separator technology. This ingenious technological solution is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon – the geyser – and is the essence of HYLA EST filtration system which is different from a normal conventional vacuum cleaner and steam vacuum cleaner.


As the air and dust enter the HYLA System, the separator creates an upward stream of water. The geyser effect assures optimised filtration that thoroughly washes the air and returns it clean into your home.

Request for a free demo to learn the difference between water vacuum cleaner and steam vacuum cleaner in Malaysia or Buy Now!

HYLA, the best vacuum cleaner in Malaysia!

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