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5 Ways To Manage Asthma That You Didn’t Know

published 11 July 2018

5 ways to manage asthma that you didn’t know

Asthma is a fairly common disease that causes an inflammation of the lungs, leading to recurring tightness of chest and difficulty breathing. Asthma affects roughly 1 in 12 people around the world and can be fatal.

Currently, there is no miracle supplement or cure that can cure asthma, so if you’re one of the millions suffering from it, it’s important to take precautions to minimize and manage your asthma triggers.

Here are 5 ways to keep your asthma attacks at bay and under control.

1. Using humidifiers can limit the number of attacks by providing moist air to keep your air passages free. However, most people are unaware that humidity is the key factor in growing molds and dust mites. Those allergic to dust mites and molds should take care to keep their indoor humidity levels between 40-50%.

2. We love our furry friends. Unfortunately, dander (fur, hair, feathers from animals) from our pets are common asthma triggers. To relieve symptoms, make specific areas in your home pet-free zones and/or limit the number of areas your pets can roam.

3. Watch your exercise and diet. Practice a balanced diet as being overweight increases the risk of developing more asthma attacks and symptoms. While it’s also important to stay active, certain kinds of exercises can also induce asthma attacks – consult your doctor for an exercise test to determine which forms of physical activities you should avoid.

4. Identify environmental triggers. Not everyone suffering from asthma has the same triggers. Some are more susceptible to smoke and dust, while others are more sensitive to certain foods and pet fur. The most common triggers in the home are: dust, pollen, dust mites and molds.

5. Clean Indoors. After you’ve identified your asthma triggers, it’s time to keep your indoor environment clean from these triggers to reduce potential attacks. Clean carpets and rugs. Carpets and rugs are one of the dirtiest household items that contain many allergens. Cleaning them thoroughly can be tough, but a vacuum cleaner like the HYLA EST can effectively clean carpets and rugs by trapping dust in water so they don’t escape through the air.

Practice pest control. Roaches, dust mites and other insects can make your home a breeding ground for more bacteria and allergens if left unchecked. Rid your home from pests or hire your local pest control.

Clean bedding and soft toys. These are prime breeding grounds for millions of allergens you come into direct contact with. Wash your bedding in hot water (roughly 130 Fahrenheit) every week and give your bed a good cleaning with the HYLA EST.

Breathing dirty air in the long run can make asthma symptoms worse and lead to irreparable health issues. The HYLA EST was designed with this in mind and to promote a healthy and clean indoors. Find out more at

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