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8 Cleaning Hacks For Fur-Kids

published 20 February 2019

8 Cleaning Hacks For You And Your Fur-Kids Pets are amazing and can bring a lot of joy into our lives, but with that joy also comes lots and lots of cleaning. However, we’ve got some nifty cleaning hacks that you can implement to make cleaning after your pet so much easier.

1. Create a Pet Cleaning Station To keep pets, especially dogs, from dragging dirt and mud into your home, set up a simple pet cleaning station by your front door.Lay out a rug and old newspaper, and cleaning supplies such as towels, baby wipes, brushes, and a spray bottle so you can always give your pet a quick clean before they re-enter your home after gallivanting outdoors.

2. Protect Furniture with Throws One of the biggest worries pet owners have is that their pets might scratch up or have an accident on their sofa. While there’s no sure-fire way to prevent accidents, using throws to decorate your sofa can add an extra layer of protection. Have a couple of them on stand by, so you’ll always have a spare when the other is in the wash.

3. Get Dogs a Bib or Bandana Dogs, more so than cats, tend to drool all over the place. While it might be cute to look at, it’s definitely not as cute to clean after. For heavy droolers, get them a bib or bandana to wear around their neck - this will prevent them from drooling all over your sofa and also reduce the risk of them having matted fur.

4. Rubber Gloves Remove Pet Fur and Hair Pet fur and hair get everywhere - on furniture, fabric, even our clothes! The most common way to get rid of them is to use a lint roller. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper and more eco-friendly, you can always purchase an inexpensive pair of rubber gloves that will get the job done in no time.

5. Keep Litter Trays Fresh Cats are usually pretty low maintenance but their litter box can sometimes create a really pungent odour. On top of changing their litter regularly, you can also sprinkle a layer of baking soda in their box - this will help to keep foul smells under control in between litter changes.

6. Air Out Your Home Speaking of smells, another thing you should do is air out your home regularly to ensure your home doesn’t smell of wet animal most of the time. You should also consider placing litter boxes and food bowls outside or close to a window to ensure the odour doesn’t stay trapped indoors.

7. Essential Oils for Musty Smells If leaving your windows open doesn’t do the trick, you should consider using essential oils to counter musty smells. Our HYLA Instafresh Air - water based filtration air cleaner, which acts as an instant air purifier, come with an aromatherapy function - just add 5-10 drops off essential oil into the HYLA Instafresh Air water pan and it’ll do the work for you.

8. Deep Clean Your Fabrics & Furniture

Odours can cling to the fibers of fabric, so we recommend deep cleaning your carpets and mattresses at least twice a year. You don’t necessarily have to look for a professional to do it either - our HYLA water based filtration vacuum cleaner come with a powerful built-in rotating brush that helps you deep clean carpets and mattresses; ensuring swift removal of dust mites, dirt, fur, and pet hair.


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