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8 Signs Of Bad Air Quality

published 24 October 2018

We often think of air pollution as something that’s on the outside: when we’re on the road or in the city or at the park, but never it’s never something we consider indoors. Unfortunately, the air you breathe indoors is just as (if not more) susceptible to allergens and other pollutants. Poor indoor air quality can expose you and your loved ones to a variety of health risks and these effects can get worse over time. To safeguard your well-being, here are 8 signs of bad indoor air quality you should look out for:

1. Strange New Symptoms While many effects of poor air quality will initially be mild, pollutants such as asbestos can have a more severe impact on your health. So, keep an eye out for new ailments such as shortness of breath, nausea and hearing loss, and seek advice from your doctor soon.

2. Your Allergies Keep Acting Up Allergies are often thought to be set off seasonally or because of changes in the environment, but they can also be a reaction to dust, chemicals and other irritants in the air. Keep track of when your allergies kickstart – if your symptoms crop up shortly after entering your office or home and subside once you leave, it’s likely that space might have poor indoor air quality. 3. You’re coughing and/or wheezing When air quality is a concern, your respiratory system will often be affected. Coughing, wheezing and congestion in the nose and chest are some signs to look out for – prolonged exposure to bad air might worsen conditions, so be sure to treat your symptoms and take steps to improve your air quality as soon as possible. 4. Skin Irritation Acne, redness and rashes are never fun, but if you already suffer from skin conditions like these, poor air quality will only make them worse. Keep an eye out for worsening skin conditions, especially if the dryness, crackling, peeling and flaking gets worse.

5. Musty Smells Home sweet home should always smell as such! If you notice one day that something in your home or office smells a little off, this could be a sign that your indoor air might be stagnant and in need of some refreshing.

6. Mold In Your Home

Discovering mold where you live or work is always a good indicator of bad indoor air quality. Mold can be found anywhere, but there’s a high chance it could be in your vents or airconditioning – the accumulation of dust on top of the extra humidity creates a perfect home for mold, which can then enter the lungs of you and your family members causing and array of unpleasant side effects.

7. Dust just doesn’t stay away

Have you ever wiped down a counter or coffee table only to find it covered in dust seemingly right after? This is one of the clearest signs that the air in your home is in a poor state, as dust is one of the most common pollutants you can find. 8. High Humidity As mentioned earlier, high humidity really encourages the growth of bacteria and the like. So if your home feels particularly humid (even for Malaysia), then that's a sign you shouldn’t ignore. Funnily enough, air that’s too dry isn’t good either, as it encourages more dust accumulation!

Thankfully, if you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms and want to take matters into your own hands, you don’t need a professional to start turning things around. The HYLA EST water based filtration vacuum cleaner is an all-in-one solution for combating poor air quality. This vacuum cleaner also doubles as an air purifier, thanks to its unique water filter, which will protect you from dust, allergens and other airborne pollutants. On top of helping you keep your home dust-free, HYLA allows you to turn your poor indoor quality around, so that you and your family can say goodbye to stuffy, unhealthy air. As an added bonus, the HYLA EST also has an aromatherapy feature. This means you won’t just be breathing in cleaner, fresher air – you can also enjoy sweet, relaxing scents in the comfort of your home or office.


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