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8 Surprising Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

published 19 December 2018

8 Surprising Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

It is high time for our appliances to be multi-taskers. One of the best multi-tasking appliances is your trusty vacuum cleaner. Trust us, your vacuum cleaner can do so much more than simply cleaning your floor. Read on and start putting your vacuum cleaner to good use!

1. Find a tiny lost item

All you have to do is fix old tights over the vacuum cleaner’s hose, secure it with a rubber band and you are good to go. This is great for those hard- to-reach places.

2. Dust children’s toys or ceiling fans

Just run the brush attachment over the toys, books, blinds, or wherever to loosen the dust. The vacuum will then suck the dust away.

3. Groom your pet

Set your vacuum to the lowest setting and run it through your pet’s body. Bonus point, they will enjoy that belly rub!

4. Fix carpet dents

Have some annoying deep carpet dents? You’re in luck. Place a few ice cubes on the dents, let them melt and just wait for the magic to happen when you vacuum the wet area.

5. Inflate an air mattress

With this method, you can avoid looking like a character out of a comedy. Remove the bag and connect the long cleaning nozzle over it. Then, stick the nozzle into the mattress hole. The air will blow out and you will have an inflated air mattress in no time.

6. Soothe a crying baby

The white noise the vacuum produces can potentially soothe your baby if they are used to it.

7. Clean your washing machine’s lint filter Use the brush attachment and the crevice tool to give your washing machine’s lint screen a thorough cleaning. 8. Make a flawless ponytail Your vacuum’s hose can double as a brush. Place a hair tie on the end of the hose to slide onto the hair once done.


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