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Fuss Free Way To Go Green

published 15 February 2019 Fuss Free Way To Go Green Let’s be honest: the idea of swapping out convenience for a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle can seem daunting (if not impossible), but it’s actually not as hard as it looks. All it takes it a little bit of will power and determination! Doing your bit for Mother Nature isn’t just good for the environment, but also your family’s health and our future generations. And it’s never too late to start! Here are some green choices that you can start making today.

1. Carry Your Own Water Bottle Instead of forking out a couple ringgit at the convenience store and contributing even more plastic waste, you can carry along a reusable water bottle. You can get small 500ml ones that will fit perfectly in handbags, or opt for a foldable water bottle if you’re not keen on carrying anything too clunky.

2. Say ‘No’ To Plastic Bags We know that most supermarkets now charge for plastic bags, so bringing along a reusable shopping bag isn’t just good for the environment, but for your wallet too! We recommend leaving a couple of foldable cloth bags in your car, handbag, or backpack at all times - that way you’ll never be caught off-guard during an unplanned grocery run. 3. Start Your Own Garden

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, but that shouldn’t stop you from planting your own garden. You can start small with herbs and flowers before graduating to vegetables and fruits, if you have the space for it. This garden can help keep the air around your home fresh. Having plants indoors can also have an added cooling effect, so you can reduce your reliance on air-conditioning.

4. Collect Rainwater for Your Garden If you live in a landed property, set up a couple of pails to catch rainwater - you can use them to water your garden instead of using water from the tap. Just be sure to use the water in the pails within a week to ensure they don’t become a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes!

5. Check Out Beli Nothing Project

Ever heard of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, that’s precisely the basis of the Beli Nothing Project. Instead of throwing out belongings that no longer spark joy in your life, you can gift them to someone who wants them - so items have a longer life span before ending up in the waste. You can also request items from members, be it furniture, appliances or scraps material.

6. Opt for Eco-Friendly When looking for home appliances, always purchase models that are eco-friendly. They might cost more upfront, but eco-friendly appliances consume less energy in the long run, which means you’ll be getting more bang for your buck while doing the world a huge favour. Take for example our HYLA water based filtration vacuum cleaner - standard vacuum cleaners have a power consumption of about 2,000 watts, whereas the HYLA EST consumes only 730 watts - that makes the HYLA EST more than twice as power efficient!


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