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How Does the Geyser Separator Technology Work?

published 8 August 2018

How Does the Geyser Separator Technology Work?

The HYLA EST is famed for its innovative and globally patented Separator Technology. As hinted by the name, Geyser Separator Technology, this avant-garde technology draws inspiration from nature — particularly, the geyser.

The Geyser Separator Technology uses only water as a filter. Using this method, the system forces the air through a water bath, much like a natural geyser.

As the air — together with dust, dirt, and allergens — enters the HYLA system, the separator creates an upward stream of water. The system then separates the air from the water with a rotational speed of 30,000 rotations per minute (r.p.m.).

This ensures that even the most minuscule dust particles are extracted from the airflow. The result? Only air that has been water-washed and cleaned to more than 99% is returned to your home.

Additionally, you can even add air fresheners, fragrances, deodorizers, and alcohol or chlorine-free disinfectants to the cleaned air for that extra touch.

Why is Water Filtration More Superior Than the Conventional Method? Conventional filters, microfilters, and electrically charged filters often allow small particles of contaminants to pass through the filter and back into the air — effectively negating its sole purpose.

After a short period of time, the filters also become clogged with these particles, causing restricted airflow and eventually a loss of performance. On the other hand, HYLA’s water filtration system is self-cleaning and does not require any replacement or maintenance — making it the perfect filtration system.

Buy HYLA now or sign up for a free demo to see the HYLA water separator technology in action.


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