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HYLA Vacuum Head Tools

published 22 August 2018

HYLA Vacuum Head Tools

The powerful machine that is your HYLA can also be used as a vacuum cleaner. All you need are just some accessories suited for your need. Read on to find out what the different head tools are ideal for.

Multi-Purpose Brush

This is used for dry vacuuming both for hard floors and fitted carpets. The powerful suction ensures that even the smallest dust particles on the floor will not be spared.

Blowing Nozzle & Crevice Tool

These handy little accessories are perfect to clean between sofa cushions, hard-to-reach edges, and the iling of sliding doors.

Furniture Brushes

Just as the name suggests, this is the brush to use for delicate hard surface cleaning like tables, wooden chairs, and cupboards.

Modular Nozzle Set

Whip this out when your upholstery needs some TLC. This will remove hairs, dead skin flakes, bed bugs, crumbs and any other particles. This nozzle is also ideal for wet vacuuming.


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