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Water Vacuum Cleaners: Cleans the air like Mother Nature

published 04 May 2018

Before vacuum cleaners were invented, people had to take their carpets out and beat the dirt out of them. An exhaustive task that was made simpler and faster with the invention of vacuum cleaners later on.

Now, with the advancement of technology, vacuum cleaners have evolved. And one such form of evolution is the water filter vacuum.

Water your dusty worries away.

What makes water filter vacuum cleaners better is that they use water to filter out the dirt and debris instead of the conventional manmade filter.

These special vacuums have unique water compartments which absorb the dirt being sucked up. The more the dirt, the dirtier the water which signifies that it works. Why water filtration vacuum cleaners are loved because they filter out debris better. Besides that, the air that comes back out from the water filter vacuum is supremely clean and free of debris and pathogens.

Wet and Dry

Generally, normal vacuum cleaners are used for simple dry applications such as dirt and dust. But the water vacuum cleaner ups the ante by being able to clean wet messes and work on any type of floor surface. In addition, water vacuum cleaners remove bacteria and airborne pathogens and pump out fresh, clean air. Hence leading to a significant increase in air quality.

Dust bags and filters could be breeding grounds for bacteria, pathogens, etc.

Definitely the better choice.

Water vacuum cleaners’ versatility in handling dry and wet messes is one of the major positives. Another is that they remove nearly 100% of the debris, dirt, dust, bacteria and other air pathogens as unlike the usual vacuums, almost everything gets trapped in the filter-like water compartment. Simply put, water vacuum cleaners are excellent in filtering the air. This makes them ideal for people with allergies.

Furthermore, they are energy-efficient which means lower electricity bills.


If you can afford a water filtration vacuum, get one.


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